10 Creative Ideas To Promote Your Content Using Social Media

10 Creative Ideas To Promote Your Content Using Social Media

1. Educate

No, we are not thinking about dusty classrooms with chalkboards and teachers in wire-rimmed spectacles and pursed lips. Instead, we are referring to tips, breaking news, opinion pieces, industry research, thoughtful and insightful debates and popular blog posts when we talk about educating our target audience.

2. Attract visually

3. Generate lists and polls

4. Highlight (questions, quotes, statistics)

A good way to attract traffic and promote your content using social media networks efficiently is to highlight a thought-provoking question every day; you could also post a startling statistic about something intriguing, or a profound quote from someone famous.

5. Encourage audience prediction

Engage with your audience and get people talking (and hotly debating) by asking them to make a prediction about interesting topics such as who is going to win the Super Bowl this year? You could also make it like a poll and give them two options requesting them to state their preference and then asking them the reason behind it.

6. Share snippets

A snippet can be a small piece of information or a brief extract. Below is an example of statistics of SEMrush that they have used as snippet in their tweet:

How Search Works: Google Site Helps Webmasters Figure Things Out

7. Make presentations using SlideShare

You can always turn your top posts into a SlideShare. Using your website’s analytical tools, find your most popular post (list posts work best for this but it does not necessarily have to just list posts), turn it into a PowerPoint presentation and post it to SlideShare.

8. Work around themes

You could have daily or weekly themes; choosing a theme actually makes it easier to come up with content for your social media accounts. Recurring themes give your audience something to look forward to every day and also creates consistency for your brand. Social Media Examiner proposes the following themes and combinations for every day of the week:

  • Tuesday: Trivia Tuesday, Tuesday Treat, Tuesday Tip
  • Wednesday: Wednesday Wisdom, Wacky Wednesday
  • Thursday: Thursday Thoughts, Thankful Thursday, Throwback Thursday
  • Friday: TGIF, Friday Fun, Follow Friday

9. Play “Fill in the blank” and “Caption”

Another creative way to interact with your customers and engage your audience is to have a “Caption This” photo competition. You could also give a small prize or a goodie bag to the person with the best caption.

10. Don’t ignore behind the scenes

Ever seen a Jackie Chan movie? It always has a reel of bloopers at the end. Many movies do that too and there are usually YouTube videos with bloopers, such as ones for Game of Thrones in which Cersei is giggling like a school girl.



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