5 Awesome Tips to Boost Online Shout-Outs

5 Awesome Tips to Boost Online Shout-Outs

1. Contest

A great way to get more social media mentions is to have a contest on social media. Reward people who use a specific hashtag attached to your company or like and share one of your posts. This also gets your name out in front of their followers, which could, in turn, expand your following.

2. Have an event

Having an event is the perfect way to get some extra social media shout outs for your company. If done properly, you can get mentions before, during and after the event.

3. Engage

The easiest way to get more mentions is to engage with your audience more. Social media humanizes companies, making them appear more personable and approachable. To that end, let your personality shine through to build a connection with your audience.

4. Be a guest speaker

Sign up to be a guest speaker at a conference or trade show. The event itself should have its own social media buzz, which will help expose your brand to more followers.

5. Create good content

Another easy way to get more mentions online is to create great content. Your audience is more likely to share content they find useful over self-promotions and product reviews.



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