6 Essential Tips for Creating Relevant Facebook Content

6 Essential Tips for Creating Relevant Facebook Content

1. Collect Instant Feedback

  • Monitor your brand mentions on Facebook to determine how your target audience feels about you. Pay attention to their discussions, brand mentions, and comments on your posts.
  • Keep track of your competitors to gain a competitive edge. Observe the type and quality of content they upload, how often they post it, and who likes, comments on, and shares their posts the most.
  • Conduct polls to assess people’s satisfaction with your content. The greatest problem researchers face is that they can never be sure whether people taking a survey are taking it seriously. Many people click on the answers randomly, which might compromise the results you get. This is exactly when paid surveys shine. Knowing that they will get paid to take surveys, the examinees will give objective, honest and convenient answers.

2. Focus on Storytelling

3. Perfect your Articles

  • Come up with a strong headline to grab users’ attention.
  • Have a compelling introduction to get the readers to click on the post.
  • Make sure that your featured image is displayed properly. You should stick to the 1200px X 628px image resolution.
  • Avoid using stock photos. Create your own images that will communicate your brand values and give you an authentic voice.
  • Combine image and link posts. While link posts maximize your website traffic, image posts help you share visuals and target the existing target audience. That’s why you need to combine these approaches. Additionally, when sharing photo posts, use a shortened link which won’t compromise the visual appeal of your post.

4. Share your Entire Story in a Facebook Post

5. Take Advantage of Video Marketing

  • Post inspirational videos and answer your followers’ questions regularly to boost your shares.
  • Share quick how-to videos and post a link to your site for more information.
  • Post relevant, but entertaining videos, such as behind-the-scenes interviews with your company.
  • Add a featured video to promote the upcoming event or product.
  • Create multiple playlists to manage users’ experience while clicking through your videos.
  • Add CTAs to your cover photo that will lead users to a video on your site.
  • Go live. To get the most of this trend, you need to choose the right timing, determine the duration of the video, go with the concepts that might become viral, and make it relevant. Most importantly, you should promote the video both a few days earlier and after the event to make it available to wider audience.

6. Tell your Story with Facebook Carousel

  • Start out strong and grab people’s attention with the first image.
  • Make your readers swipe for more. Once your first photo in the carousel catches their eye, you need to keep your users’ interested.
  • Create a plot to address people’s emotions. For instance, if you’re promoting toys, you don’t have to necessarily post the images of them. Think of their lifetime, emphasize their importance, and create a story around it to evoke nostalgia.
  • Use well-edited sequences to tell your story. This doesn’t mean that you need to organize them chronologically. It just means that every photo you post needs to make sense.
  • Employ visual variety. Shoot multiple shots of the same scene from diverse angles and distances to build a complete story.





Hot Social Media Tips and News for the Social Generation. https://hotinsocialmedia.com/

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Hot In Social Media

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Hot Social Media Tips and News for the Social Generation. https://hotinsocialmedia.com/

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