A Guide to Integrating Social Media and Email Marketing

  • Through social sharing buttons, social media can widen the reach of your email marketing.
  • Your ROI can increase when email recipients share your offers with their social media friends and network.
  • You can grow your email list by inviting your social media followers to subscribe to your newsletters. Likewise, you can ask your email subscribers to follow your social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  • Making your business presence in both channels enables you to build your reputation online and maximize the potential to create brand awareness.
  • You can show customers the email messages they missed in their inbox.
  • You also hunt email subscribers who have turned cold so that you can re-engage them with your social media ads.
  • Targeted ads are also a great way to encourage repeat purchases to existing customers as you show them offers related to their transaction history.
  • You can create targeted ads to specific audience groups to appeal to them with personalized messages.
  • First, install a tracking code on your website landing page. This code will allow you to identify customers who engaged on the page.
  • Create an email campaign featuring the service or product that you offer on your landing page.
  • Place a link in your email that will drive recipients to the landing page. This can be a link in your call-to-action button or text.
  • Send the email campaign on your list and wait for them to engage.
  • Show targeted ads to subscribers who clicked on the link and engaged on your landing page.




Hot Social Media Tips and News for the Social Generation. https://hotinsocialmedia.com/

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Hot In Social Media

Hot In Social Media

Hot Social Media Tips and News for the Social Generation. https://hotinsocialmedia.com/

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