How to Avoid Losing Instagram Followers?

1. Don’t Go Crazy with the Posts

Losing followers can make you panic and start spamming people’s feed with numerous posts. That’s not the way to go, as it will only make you look desperate and send even more people away.

2. Show People that You Care

You have to engage with the people who follow you. For example, liking their comments and replying to them will leave a good impression. Your followers will be able to see that you really value them, and they will stay by your side.

3. Use the Instagram Story Feature

Instagram has added this amazing feature that allows you to share a little part of your day, and it is visible for 24 hours. Show them what you’re doing, start live transmissions where you could talk to them, and ask them lots of questions.

4. Use Interesting Captions

Although the picture you post is the most important, an interesting caption will add some magic to it. No caption or just plain ones will send your followers away. People will stay beside you if you add Instagram captions that will make them feel like you’re talking to them.

5. Make a Good Impression

You’re probably tired of hearing the “First impression matters” thing. However, it holds some truth. It applies to job interviews, when meeting new people, and even on Instagram.

6. Don’t Share Low-Quality Images

If you take a general look at Instagram’s popular accounts, you will notice that they have something in common — the picture quality. People look for visuals, and if you provide them with blurry pictures, they won’t like it too much.

7. Use Hashtags Wisely

Do you think that using a large number of hashtags is going to help your case? Think again! Whereas hashtags have advantages like bringing you more followers, the existing followers are going to grow tired if you use hashtags with no context.

Bottom Line

Seeing your follower number decrease can be painful. In order to make it stop and help that number grow, you should be careful with what you post, when you post and how your page looks. Make sure you follow these tips and keep your followers around.



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