The Impact of COVID-19 on Social Media Marketing

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2 min readJul 16, 2020


During hard times like the one we’re living into, profitability is not seen by many as a critical marketing element. Advertising might be tricky when everyone is thinking about safety and about caring for loved ones, especially after the elderly.

This is the reason why showing support and empathy for others or even for other businesses will help companies flourish even more after the crisis. Inspiration can come from many places, and you can create your version of communication strategy by having a look at what other brands did.

Brands may face a communication crisis at least once in their history. The worst-case scenario might happen when anyone is expecting the least. But what about a global crisis, almost like a dystopian scenario in which is nobody’s fault, but everyone’s suffering?

Well, it happens as you’re reading this article. The coronavirus pandemic is here, and it managed to shake our worlds, to disrupt normal life. It forced brands around the globe to change not only the way they are doing business but their communication strategies.

The activity might be on hold or slowed down for a few weeks, but this doesn’t mean brands will stop communicating during this period. On the contrary, the angle has been shifted and has arisen the possibility to raise engagement and to build stronger communities.

This is the time when everyone is practicing social distancing, so showing empathy towards communities, individuals, or peers from within the companies has become the new norm.

If you’re a digital marketer in charge of your company’s communication and you want to know how COVID-19 changed social media strategies, we’re here to help you give an insight into the new strategies, approaches, and trends during the age of coronavirus.

Let’s dive into the subject!