Top 25 Most Popular Social Media Sites in 2024

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4 min readJan 26, 2024
Top 25 Most Popular Social Media Sites in 2024

How many big social media platforms do you know?

Let us guess — you immediately thought of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and, perhaps, Pinterest. And you’re absolutely right, those are some of the biggest social media sites.

But they’re definitely not the only major players out there! Read on to learn about the top 25 most popular social media sites by the number of active users.

Top 25 Most Popular Social Media Sites

25. imo

Founder: Pagebites, Inc.

Year founded: 2007

Place of origin: Palo Alto, California, USA

Number of monthly active users: 200 million

Key features: imo, a messaging and video calling app, is recognized for its global reach and accessibility, particularly in markets where internet connectivity is limited or data costs are a concern. The app provides a platform for communication through text, voice, and video calls, along with group chat functionalities. It is favored in regions where users seek cost-effective and reliable ways to stay connected with friends and family. imo’s user-friendly interface and cross-platform compatibility contribute to its widespread use. The app’s focus on providing essential communication tools while maintaining low data usage has made it a popular choice among a diverse user base.

24. Viber

Founders: Talmon Marco, Igor Magazinnik

Year founded: 2010

Place of origin: Cyprus

Number of monthly active users: 260 million

Key features: Viber, a versatile messaging app, supports a diverse range of operating systems and boasts a significant global user base. As of 2022, it had 1.3 billion registered users, with a strong presence in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Philippines, and Greece. The platform’s user demographics are slightly more male-dominated, with the majority being in the 25–34 age group. Daily, the platform sees around 7.5 billion messages exchanged among its users. Viber stands out with its business model, which includes subscription and credit fees for international calls (Viber Out), and in-app sticker sales. It also generates revenue from Viber for Business.

23. Baidu Tieba

Founder: Robin Li

Year founded: 2003

Place of origin: Beijing, China

Number of monthly active users: 300 million

Key features: Tieba, operated by Baidu, is a notable platform in China, functioning as a large forum-based social network where users engage around specific topics or interests. The platform is structured around “bars” or forums dedicated to diverse subjects, ranging from pop culture to personal hobbies. Tieba’s appeal lies in its community-focused nature, enabling users to connect and discuss shared interests in dedicated spaces. It offers a blend of content types, including text, images, and videos, fostering rich, topic-centered discussions. The platform’s user-driven content creation and moderation model has made it a go-to place for niche communities and in-depth discussions on a variety of subjects, positioning Tieba as a key player in China’s social networking scene.

22. Skype

Founder: Microsoft

Year founded: 2003

Place of origin: Redmond, Washington, USA

Number of monthly active users: 300 million

Key features: Skype, a pioneer in the realm of video and voice calling over the internet, has established itself as a dependable tool for both personal and professional communication. Known for its straightforward and user-friendly interface, Skype provides high-quality video and audio calls, group calls, and messaging services. It stands out for its wide accessibility across various devices and platforms, making it convenient for users with different technological preferences. Skype’s functionality extends beyond basic communication, offering features like screen sharing, which is particularly useful in professional settings for presentations and collaborative work. Despite the emergence of numerous communication apps, Skype’s reliability and comprehensive feature set ensure its continued relevance as a communication tool for people and businesses around the world.

21. Quora

Founder: Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever

Year founded: 2009

Place of origin: Mountain View, California, USA

Number of monthly active users: 300 million

Key features: Quora has carved a niche as a platform for knowledge sharing and intellectual exchange, where users engage in asking questions and providing insightful answers. Distinct from other social media platforms, Quora’s focus is on fostering a community where curiosity and expertise converge, allowing for deep dives into a vast array of topics. The platform attracts professionals, experts, and enthusiasts alike, each contributing to a rich tapestry of knowledge across various fields. Quora’s model, based on upvoting answers, helps in surfacing the most relevant and high-quality content. The platform’s commitment to being a hub for credible information and diverse perspectives has made it a valued resource for those seeking in-depth answers and discussions on a wide range of subjects.


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