Visual Marketing Tips for Social Media Marketers

Visual Marketing Tips for Social Media Marketers

1. Infographic creation

Infographic is fun and creative. As a matter of fact, the entire process from planning to creating it is really fun!

2. Getting personal

Did you notice that posting an Instagram post showing off your lovely team members will generate warm and fuzzy reactions?

3. Sharing your brand’s values

Behind the scenes videos and photos — you know those posts are going to generate tons of likes and engagements.

  • What type of images to use
  • When to share the images
  • How the use of specific images can touch the hearts of your audience

4. Images can be in a form of advice (or tips)

Something caught my eyes recently on Instagram. I noticed someone shared something so cool on Instagram which totally blows my mind.

5. Are you using memes?

Let’s face this. Memes are cute. They are funny and above all, they definitely attract your attention!

6. Screenshots

Do you know that screenshots are very interesting social media tip especially for visual marketing?

7. Instructions via visual

Last but not least, instructions can be taken to a whole new level through visual. For example, sharing video tutorials and even step by step images.


Visual marketing is definitely a booming industry and there are a lot of tips and tricks that you can find on the market today. However, it is always important to use the right visual marketing strategy that fit your brand, business and intended audience.



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